----« TU MEGA UPDATE! »----

We have lately been working on new features and updates to make the server better and overall more enjoyable! This post will tell you all about the new things added and what we have done to fix / update a feature. If you have any more suggestions on what to add please create a forum post for us! 

Some New Features Involve:

« Auto Broadcasting! »

« Mob Arena! »

« Questing! »

« Citizens! »

« MCMMO! »

Updates And Adjustments:

« Autorank: In this plugin we have added 2 extra ranks after MLG. These are Legend and TUniversal. Because of this, we have made the game time requitement lower for every rank. Also, the ranks with the name of Trusted and Dedicated have been changed to Experienced and Professional. »

« Citizens: We have added this as an awesome way to do questing with more of a story line. (And to also make everything look cooler of course!) »

« TekkitShuffle: Here, we have sorted out the questions which were worded incorrectly, added more questions (now including maths questions), and changed the prefix style for the whole plugin. »

« Map expansion: For this we have added extra map space! Why? This is so that new players can start from a fresh, clean map and not have to worry about ruined terrain. Also, people who enjoy building would find this useful! -Please note that both worlds can be still accessed, and that /spawn is in the new world. »

« Voting: 4 more links have been added to the website! You know what that means? Five times more rewards! Also, the Top voter of the week will recieve £30,000 (In-game) while Top monthy voter will recieve free Iron Rank! (This will be all automated so we wont miss you out!). »

« Broadcasting: Finally got this to work! We've added lots of messages like Tips, reminders, etc... With this came a new broadcasting style like no other! »

« ClearEntities: Mobs do no longer get removed from the clear entities! Meaning you can have your very own Dog and it will not disappear!. »

If you think we have missed something out, please tell us and we'll add it on!  But for now, from me and the rest of the staff team, we hope you enjoy!